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We offer more than just a clean building


Over 75 years of experience.



With over 75 years of combined janitorial experience in many of the most demanding indoor environments, Addlife Facilities Services, Inc. offers more than just a clean building, we Add life to your investment.

At Add Life Facilites Services we believe your health and safety always comes first, therefore having a clean space to work in is a basic human right. This is why through our company we strive to surpass expectations of what it means to have a clean building and help our customers maintain the healthiest work environment possible for their employees all while helping them not break the bank.

Add Life Facilites Services is your one stop shop for all your facility needs. We provide a wide range of services from full janitorial to turn key maintenance and always at a consistently high-quality cleaning as well as providing responsive service to our clients.

Add Life Facilites Services is committed to delivering the highest level of service to all our customers. You can rely on high performance with a focus on service, staff, and Green Cleaning products and practices. We use leading technologies to deliver a better clean and pride ourselves on hiring dedicated and friendly staff.

Add Life Facilites Services provides a sophisticated and loyal ally in your continuous battle against the pollutants that can lead to unhealthy working environments, impaired productivity, and decline the life expectancy of your business assets. 

Addlife Facilities Services, Inc. provides a sophisticated and loyal ally in your continuous battle against the pollutants that can lead to unhealthy working environments, impaired productivity, and decline the life expectancy of your business assets.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, we provide a full selection of custodial care services to discerning commercial, industrial, and institutional clients throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area (including the Peninsula, Silicon Valley and the East and North Bays) and Northern California. From dusting and taking out the trash to maintaining the most critical and controlled technology environments, Addlife Facilities Services has the experience your firm needs to get clean – and stay clean.

Anyone can clean a building, but we at Addlife Facilities Services, Inc. offer more: the dedication, training, experience, and relationship-based management that your business should expect from any custodial service.

Your building, equipment, furnishings – and most importantly, your staff – all depend on a clean working environment to remain healthy and productive. Addlife Facilities Services preserves your most valuable assets by protecting them from all contaminants that can potentially harm them.

We guarantee you

Full service janitorial and custodial management; guaranteed quality service.

Fully trained team to efficiently manage allergens, mold, dust and chemical contaminants.

Security-focused hiring and training practices, including background checks and on-site training.

Flexible service schedules tailored to your firm’s specific needs and budget.

CIMS Certify Company GB with Honors / CIMS Certify Company with Honors (Cleaning Industry Management Standards).

CPUC (Supplier Clearinghouse Certification).

NMSDC Minority Certify Company (Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council).

Member in good standing of the ISSA, (International Facility Managers Association).

BSCAI (Building Services Contractor Association International).







Operation Manager


Operation Manager


Accounting / Office Manager


Accounting / Office Manager


Human Resources


Human Resources


Area Supervisor


Area Supervisor


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Each SSC consists of highly trained and experienced professionals carrying out the specialty work in the areas of janitorial maintenance: Hi-tech., Clean rooms, windows, tile, marble, stone, carpet cleaning, wood floors, medical facilities and COVID 19 Disinfection.

Full time
Part time
Floating employees to replace sick and vacation
Fully equip
Service Vans
(six Utility Crews)


With over 75 years of combined janitorial experience in many of the most demanding indoor environments, Add Life offers more than just a clean building.

Custodial Services

For optimum long term results, we advise our clients to consider their custodial and janitorial needs from a facility-wide perspective, rather than as a collection of assorted cleaning jobs — a strategy of environmentally conscious industry practice commonly known as “green cleaning.

General Facility Maintenance Services

ADD LIFE FACILITIES SERVICES knows that long term, cost effective facility preservation requires taking a personal approach to facility management and operations. We have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional facility services with an intelligent, experienced approach.

Controlled Environment Services

Our controlled environment team can design and deliver a protocol and cleaning program for the most specialized and mission critical environments within your facility.

Specialty Services

Our specialty services include power washing, window washing construction clean, and additional cleaning services.

Excellent Support

Customer Focused Cleaning Crews 
Customer satisfaction is our top priority in everything we do, with flexible maintenance schedules and routine cleaning quality inspections. 

A Committed to Excellence in Maintenance 
Experienced teams of janitors, cleaning staff, repair people, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics to handle all building maintenance needs. 

Screened and Motivated Employees 
All Add Life employees have screened background checks and earn above industry-standard rates for janitorial and maintenance workers. 

Awesome Team

You can be sure that every client and customer that walks through your door will be impressed by how well maintained your property is, creating the best possible first impression. We have the experience and attention to detail required to make sure your commercial business looks spotless for the following business day. Our professionally trained and experienced team of commercial cleaners is ready to take care of your business!

Faster Performance

Add Life is always alert to the latest technologies, that contribute to increased productivity while enhancing the quality of our work and contributes to a healthier working environment. 


Professional Janitorial Services and Facility Maintenance Services for all type of Industries







ADD LIFE FACILITES SERVICES provides professional janitorial services as well as facilities maintenance programs for commercial, industrial, corporate, educational and non-profit organizations in San Jose and throughout the entire Bay Area. We know that every sector has unique requirements and our experience allow us to provide services that are tailor-made for each of our customers.


The Add Life Facilities Services, Inc. experience! We add Life every day!

We believe your health and safety always come first, we also believe that we can add life to your investments and assets by having the right TRAINING, people, processes, and products.

We add valued every day by helping our customers to maintain the healthiest work environment possible and protect their most valued asset, their employees.

All while keeping competitive prices.


Feel free to contact ADD Life to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


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Tony Prado


WHO IS Tony?

Tony brings over 40 years of managerial expertise in the Building Services industry. He began this career as a janitor and worked ardently to advance to Executive Management. His experience has primarily been Operations in nature and his projects have included Oracle and Xerox. He has a strong commitment to deliver first-class service in the safest manner possible. He can effectively oversee, examine, evaluate, and reply swiftly to workplace projects in pursuit of goals. He is passionate about exceeding expectations, and partners with clients to align our services to their business needs and outcomes. He understands the importance of responsiveness and has meticulous standards and follow through.



WHO IS Isidro?

Isidro is a 30+ year veteran of the building services industry. He has extensive experience in analyzing complex operational challenges, cost reduction protocols and service delivery. Isidro specializes in creating innovative solutions and challenging the status quo while maintaining trust, positioning our customers and team members for success. He prides himself in forging long-term business relationships between team members and clients, leading to a 90% retention rate. He understands that communication is key and fosters an environment that builds positive relationships creating a winning culture.



WHO IS Jose?

Jose brings over 20 years of Accounting expertise in the Building Services Industry. His passion for numbers developed in the Banking Industry where he worked for 5 years with the internal Accounting department. After finding this passion Jose went to school to obtain his credentials in Accounting. Over the years he has participated and obtained multiple certificates to operate industry-standard accounting software. By implementing and maintaining accounting systems Jose provides sustainable growth, quick turnarounds, and reliable customer satisfaction all while maintaining government compliance. He brings all this experience to Add Life to fulfill Payroll, AR, AP, Purchase Orders, and a work order system to support company operations. This reflects in excellent service to our customers who receive flexibly formatted invoices, our employees who receive on-time paychecks, and our vendors who receive online payments.



WHO IS Maricela?

Maricela has 9 years of Human Resources expertise in the Building Services industry. Graduating from San Jose City College in 2011 with an AA degree and AS degree in Criminal Justice. Maricela has notable experience in strategic human resource planning, performance management, staffing, federal and state law compliance, employee benefits, payroll, training and development, and management coaching. Maricela is a member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and prides herself on safety training and development



WHO IS Antonio?

Antonio has over 25 years of experience managing people in the janitorial industry.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Establish daily work priorities for employees, as well as assist to determine cleaning frequencies, employee workloads and quality levels, and utilize on-call employees to adjust for absences and special projects. 
  • Supervise employee time and attendance records, requests for time off, and overtime approval.
  • Perform periodic work site inspections for conformance to company and customer standards and report results to management. 
  • Learn and understand the physical plan of the client’s facility and all contractual cleaning requirements.
  • Instruct employees in the use and care of equipment and supplies, and standard cleaning procedures and ensure they adhered.
  • Coordinate general maintenance on equipment as needed.
  • Respond to emergency situations, complaints or issues in the most effective manner.
  • Upon direction from the Branch Manager, execute employee work schedules, materials and supplies, and equipment required for each work site.
  • Generate complete and accurate time records for payroll on all employees assigned to specific sites.
  • Work with Human Resources to train, counsel and coach employees on performance issues
  • Provide a workplace free from harassment and discrimination and comply with all company policies and procedures.

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